House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

Rules for Minors

These are absolute!

These rules are here for your protection. If they are not followed you will be removed from the community.

1. Stay In School All members who are under the age of 18 are required to be in school.  This is absolute.  Education is the single most important aspect that affects your future.  It is important to the house that our members be educated, you are our future.  Your future depends on your education.  Failure to stay in school will result in removal from the house.
2.  No In-Person Meetings The safety of our members is of the utmost importance to our house.  There are to be no in-person meetings with members under the age of 18 without a parent present.  We are sorry, but in today's age, there are some not so nice people out there.  As much as we hope that all members in the house have integrity, we need to keep safety in mind. Any member under the age of 18 that is found to have had contact with another member of the house without a parent present will be removed from the house.  In addition, the other member will also be removed from the house.
3. Listen to Your Parents We understand what it is like growing up with parents that just do not understand.  We have been there.  Please also understand that your parents have your best interests in mind.  We ask that you listen to your parents.  If your parents are not sympathetic to who and what you feel you are, respect them anyway.  The community will always be here.  You will only be under 18 for a few more years.  It is much more important that you foster the relationship with your parents.  If a parent asks you to stay away from the community, respect their wishes.  You can always come back later, when you are older.  If a parent asks the house to remove you, it will be done, because we respect their wishes.
4. No Cutting or Self Mutilation Please do not cut yourself or others for any reason.  There are other ways to feed.  Cutting yourself will only deplete yourself of more energy.  It takes energy to heal.  If you cannot stop cutting, please seek help from a trusted adult.  There are self help groups for cutters.  Cutting others can be prosecuted as assault with a deadly weapon, a federal offense.  In addition, it can cause infection, scarring, nerve damage, extreme blood loss, coma, and death.  Please research other methods of feeding to sustain your energy needs.
5.  No sexual discussions Sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.  There is to be no sexual discussion with members under the age of 18.  This includes cybering, sexual innuendoes, joking around, talking about sexual positions, history, pranic feeding techniques, etc.  Members found engaging in sexual discussions will be removed from the house.

In addition to the above, please note that some area of the site are age restricted for your protection.  By using this website, you agree to not enter any area that is designated for mature audiences.

Thank You,

Lady Lilith Dreams

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