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Lexicon of the Werewolf V.I © 2004 Patrick Daemon Howell

Table of Contents:

Order I: - What  does the word lycan mean?
Order II: - What are otherkin?
Order III: - What does a lycan entail?
Order IV: - What are Totem Spirits?
Order V: - What are the 4 types of shifting?
Order VI: - The Awakening of Lycans
Order VII: - Manifestation of Lycans
Order VIII: - How do Zoans communicate with the host?
Order IX: - Furries Vs. Weres
Order X: - A little bit of Demonology


Forward: I shall refer to the subjects within this text as "Lycanthropes, Lycans, and Werewolves" But I also mean to say Otherkin at the same time, this saves on length of this text. Thank you for understanding this.

Order I:   What  does the word lycan mean?

Lycanthrope (Lycan) - Derived from lycos, meaning "wolf," and anthrope, meaning "of man" or  "human." Together these words are said to mean Wolfman or werewolf.
Zoanthrope  - Zoan meaning "of all animals" and anthrope, meaning "of man" or  "human." Together these words are said to mean Were Animals.
Another word you should know of is Therianthropy (Therian). Therianthropy is basically another way of saying Zoanthropy.

Order II:   What are otherkin?

Otherkin - This word describes the rest of the Zoanthropic community. In this sense, if you are a Werewolf, a Werecat, for example, would be otherkin. Otherkin in the big picture means "Other family" since animals are all one big happy order.

Order III:   What does a lycan entail?

A Lycan or Zoan is a human body that is a symbionic host to other animal spirits/demons that inhabbit the body for an unique purpose. Most spirits are guides to the host and help the spirit carrier make the proper decisions in his/herlife on the journey that they so choose to take. A lycan can possess spiritual energy enhancement with n the aura and biorythem of the human soul. Bonding with others is much more powerful, enhanced, and more swift than in a normal human.

The senses of a zoan also may be adequately augmented a bit.  Sensory perception will be quite poewrful at times.  Moon phases may cause the spirit(s) to manifest themselves in different augmented behaviors.

Order IV:  What are Totem Spirits?

Totem spirits are mostly of the belief of the Native Americans of North America. There are other origins of this type of manifestation dealing with spiritual entities living within a human host. The totem spirit is assigned to a person at birth and will teach and guide that subject untill their corruption or death.

These spirits are very gentle and wise, they donot cause burdens or curses as some people would say. They are there to watch over you and protect you. The urges of agressive and dominant spirits may be harder to control and must be worked with immediately after awakening (See below).

Order V:  What are the 4 types of shifting?

Shifting is a complicated matter. Some are real some are false in my opinion. They are:

Mental Shifting: One who mentaly shifts, expeirences a mental transformation of the body into animal body parts growing out the regular human body parts. This can only be seen and felt by the Zoan that is expeirencing this. Mental shifts can be mild to extremely intense, possibly covering the whole body.
Physical Shifting: This is where i draw the line between reality and falsity. You may believe what you wish but I do not belive in this power. A physical shifter is one who can change their bodies into another species of animal.
Spiritual Shifting: This is where an animal spirit changes a human host into an Theirianthrope (see Order I).  Spirit shifters are the most common of the 4 and the most realistic and closest form of being a Zoanthrope.
Planal Shifting: This refers to one who has been able to shift into an animal or other being with in the Astral Plane or other planes for that matter. In dream states, or meditative/out of body states,  the subject can travel into another plane of existence to shift and be free of their human bodies.

Order VI:  The Awakening of Lycans

Awakenings are very special times, almost like birth days of the spirit itself. Animal Spirits awaken at a young age about the same time puberty happens. The spirit finds that you are mature enough to begin guidance and comes into play. If ,for some reason you aren't ready ,the spirit will wait untill you are. This is rare but does happen. Some don't awaken untill they are 30 years of age or more, if ever.

When you awaken you are most likely to understand this in four concepts. Meditative Vision, Dream, and Occurances. You can have a vision of a wolf or such trying to lead you to a destination during a meditative state. You might dream about wolves and/or a wolf pack with  some other instances of freedom and guidance.  You can have an actual occurance of a wolf in nature where, in real life, a wolf will come and show you its friendship. Lastly, you might even see the spirit itself with out being in a meditative state or in a dream.  Sometimes there is a mixture of the four.  When any of these occur, you may have deeply thought revelations of who you realy are.

Order VII:  Manifestation of Lycans

Lycanthropes, among otherkin in general manifest themselves.  

There are many different forms a Lycan can take.  Here are the forms I have seen:

Visionaries: A visionary is one who sets out on a quest to better the lycan kind. They have a mission of a specific task or tasks.  They are most likely leaders maybe even Alphas or Lonewolves, and/or Elders.
Alphas: An Alpha is the highest ranking wolf in an organized pack.  These are true leaders and should be held with great respect.  An Alpha has an important role in the community, gathering pack members into organizations to preform tasks within the community by leading them properly and teaching his/her pack diciples the correct ways of the wolf and the pack.  This structure keeps the community on its toes moving to the rythem of the Lycan day and night.
Subordinates: These are the ones who follow the alphas and betas within the pack. They are the citizens of the pack and help get things done.  They give the pack the reason for its existence. Subordinates shall not be treated wrongly.  They are loyal and well loved,  as well as any other rank in the pack. These include Subordinates in general, and Omegas.  Omegas are those in the pack that keep it stable, with love and playfulness, most are pups that seek maturity and are there with the purpose of giving the pack new spirit and new blood.
Furries: Furries are usualy (not always) people who enjoy animal shifting so much that they play it on the internet through stories, artwork, and in real life with fur costumes. These people have a life style of the sort and are happy go lucky people.  Some furries are were's, some aren't.   In my expeditions, I have found most of them aren't were's, they just like to hang out that way.
Loners: Loners, (like lonewolves) are those who take no heading to the community and/or packs. They are on there own to find themselves and their ways. Loners can one day join the pack and become an alpha, or they can continue to be submissive.  A loner is a special breed all to their own. The psychological makeup is different normally, than most lycans.
Witnesses Wittnesses are those who are hidden behind the scenes posing or being trying out other roles within the pack. (Mind you, that anyone in these rolls can be more than one manifistation).  A witness will see what happens with in the community and will learn the secrets of the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will witness the comming events of good fortune for our kind or the horrible corrupted slaughter of our kindred. They see every moment whether it be bad or good.  They see and feel things most don't understand.  If you happen to meet one of these, be kind or face their wrath for  wittnesses are filled with emotions beyond any others and can become volitile.
Abominations: hese are very controversial were's. They have the ability to be both Werewolf and a Vampiric Demon/Spirit at the same time. They are polyshifters These aren't necessarily more powerful but they have the ability to take energy from other sources and feed on it better than lycans can. But that is also a weakness. All creatures are balanced, so are abominations.
Polyshifters: A polyshifter is a multiple spirit inhabited human host. This person may have a wolf, a hyena, a whale, or other spirit all at once. It isn't uncommon to have multiple spirits.  But some say there are dieties that watch over them that can be confused as spirits with in the body. So be careful.  
Guardians: Guardians are those who feel they are defending the earth agaisnt evil corrupted individuals both otherkin or human. Guardians must be especially careful how they act ,against or for any other creature on this planet. They are here to protect their kin from any uprisings that may be obstacles to the movement of the Were communities. Good judgment and guidance of the heart, will bring good quests to save us from those who wish to hurt us in the end.
Corrupted: The corrupted are disdained for being in this catagory, beware. These are the unjust wrongful people of the lycan community, they seek with malice to hurt the community or hurt other individuals that are only trying to understand themselves.  They have given up their spirits to being tainted, trapping the were spirit inside the foul body until the human body finally dies.  These should be kept away from the community at all costs, and banned from the society of otherkin. They act with hate and malice instead of acceptance and love. After all these years of pain and torture to our wolven brothers in the wilderness the wolf has never hated mankind, only have been protective agaisnt those who hunt them. Hate is NOT an emotion of animals. Out of all the time I ever felt an aura of an animal I have never felt hate even when they are abused by owners.

Order: VIII  How do Zoans communicate with the host?

There is a metaphysical / paraphysical process that this works with. There are 3 components, the Flesh /Mind, The Soul /Spirit, and the Biorythm/Aura of the human body. The spirit sends its signals into the aura, which then is converted by the Biorythm with in the body into a form of energy that can be interpreted by the brain by E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception) Signaling. This is known as a M.S.C.P. (Metaphysical Signaling Conversion Process). Once this singal is handed down from the spirit to the brain. It is interpreted as thoughts with in the mind, or dreams, or visions. The thoughts are not like schizophrenia type voices.  They are simple revelational thoughts that inspire you into the right path of life. They will also teach you as well.  Most elder Lycans will learn a great deal from this method and become wise faster than the human host could ever imagine.

Order IX:  Furries Vs. Weres

On the topic again about Furries and Weres. Most furries are not Otherkin, many have the spirit but Furry fandom is not a spiritual belief it is a lifestyle. Furries can be anything in belief, and may have no belief at all.

Order X:  A little bit of Demonology

Demonology is a touchy subject. Those who have demons inside them are very defined. For example, one who is an abomination could have both spirits entwined into one. Forming a demon entity. Demons are higher level communal spirits that are made up of smaller ancient spirits. These ancient spirits work together to perform a common task. Demons manifest themselves as many things, very little is known about them.  Alot of religious beliefs claim they know demons in specifics i'm not sure about any of these claims, that is out of the scope of our lexicon. Just remeember what a demon is composed of and how it works with multiple spirits with in a body.

© 2004 Patrick Daemon Howell (Werewolf31)

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