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Follow this logic and make up your own minds:

This message was sent to Lady Nessa 2-26-05

lady_nessa_vampire (10:01:42 AM): vampires_united_forever: Now that the FBI have finished their questioning of me, they are looking into you Lillth and Orchid. They are doing background checks as we speak. As far as having Debra contact the people on Dons website, they are voting on wether to ban her or not today. I just want to say thank you, becuase you just made my job ALOT easier. The feds even offered to put me in contact with a few scientists to hel me with some reserch. Thank You Div

Now, take a look at the profile for vampires_united_forever:

And the profile for das_arktische.

Also, knowing Dividian just moved to Las Vegas, DasArktische just started a meetup group there, contradictory to the "Romania" Location listed on the yahoo profile.

Now if

Dividian = vampires_united_forever
vampires_united_forever = das_arktische
das_arktische = Dividian

Please read the posts on the board if you are still a member of his group and see how he has been lying to all of you about who he is.

With as many times as he has changed his name, the name of the group, and the censoring of the information the group receives, please revisit the ABCDEF.

I care about all of you.  If you choose to stay, please just watch yourselves.  Be safe, and find your own path to your own truth.  If you want more info, please e-mail me.

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