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What Is A Vampire?

Simply, a Vampire is an individual born with an inability to produce and maintain their own life force energy.  Because of this, the Vampire must find and use an energy source outside of themself to re-charge their energy core.  Most people are able to convert the food they eat into energy and life force.  Vampires, although they can survive without this life force energy, will not be healthy without replenishing their energy store.

Common Questions About Vampires

Do all Vampires drink blood? No, only about 20% of Vampires actually need to get their energy from blood.
Are Vampires immortal? No, Vampires have normal human life spans.
Can Vampires fly? No, Vampires will go 'splat' on the concrete if they try.
Do Vampires have a reflection? Yes, Vampires do have a reflection.
What abilities do Vampires have? Vampires have the same abilities as any other human, though most do tend to be empathic (able to read emotions).  Other abilities may seem more prevalent because Vampires are always working with the energies that fuel the abilities, but any human can foster these abilities with dedication and practice.
Can Vampires shape-shift? No, Vampires cannot change into a bat or any other thing, nor can they become mist or fog.
Isn't Vampirism just in the head? No, in addition to medical conditions that are similar to Vampirism, the energy exchange between two people has been photographed using Kirlian photography.  Kirlian photography is usually used to photograph the aura.
How can I become a Vampire? You can only become a Vampire if you are born that way.  Be wary of any individual that offers to "turn" you, "embrace" you (unless they mean a hug), or any other action to make you a vampire.  These people are role-players, and may just be looking to take advantage of you.  Some role-players can be dangerous.
Can you tell me if I am a Vampire? Some Vampires are able to tell if another person is a Vampire.  Most real Vampires will not tell you if you are a Vampire because it interferes with the individuals Awakening process.  The individual needs to discover for themselves if they are indeed a Vampire.  It would be like telling a baby, here are the keys to the car....can you go get mommy a soda from the store?
What is an Awakening? An Awakening is the process by which a Vampire discovers that they are a Vampire.  Some Vampires have their Awakening around puberty, others not until much later.
Are all Vampires goth? No, many Vampires like the goth scene because it provides an easy venue for the Vampire to have access to a ready energy supply.  A Vampire can sit in the back of a goth club and feed off the ambient energy, and no one will see anything odd about an individual sitting alone in a dark corner.
What is a role-player? A role player is a person that lives their life based on a book, movie, or game.  They feel that the Hollywood version of the Vampire is actually real.  Frequently, they will speak of belonging to a clan, offering to "turn" or "embrace" you, commenting on how they are hundreds or thousands of years old, or how pureblood they are.
What kinds of Vampires are there?

Psychic/Psionic VampiresPranic/Sexual VampiresElemental VampiresSanguine VampiresEthereal/Astral Vampires

General Warnings

Do not feed from:

Children, Elderly, Infirm, Mentally Unstable, Pregnant, or Lactating people Children, Elderly, Infirm, and the Mentally Unstable have poor abilities to defend themselves.  They are also more easily injured through the process of feeding.  Illness can result, or intensify by feeding from these individuals.

Pregnant and Lactating women already have large amounts of energy being spent on their child.  If a person is pregnant, feeding could possibly result in illness of the mother, child, or even a miscarriage in severe cases.  In Lactating women, feeding can result in illness of the mother, lowered milk production, and a possibility of the baby failing to thrive.

Symptoms of Feeding:

Overfeeding for the Vampire Agitation, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Headache, Stomachache
Overfeeding for the Donor (some are specific to certain types of feeding) Energy drain, Mental fatigue, Mental collapse, Body pain, Illness, Fear, Hallucinations, Vertigo, Nausea, Depression, Disorientation, Difficulty breathing, Change in appetite, Nightmares or vivid dreams, Headache, Unconsciousness, and rarely, Coma and or death

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