House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

Sites that we have agreed for mutual benefit to be of service to one another in some way.

The House of Simion is a home For Vampires and all Otherkin.

Wolf Pack Alpha

Patrick Daemon Howell, Alpha, founder, and leader of WPA (Wolf Pack Alpha) Pack. Born in 1982, A German Multi spirit weilder,  founded WPA when he was 13. His co founder, the ancestor next to him, formed the pack with other individuals that also became founders. The actual founding of the pack's online presence was in 1996 and has thrived ever since. Our pack is here to shelter those in need of knowledge of love through a bloodline family named: Howell. Our mission is to unite anyone we find in need of knowledge, to explain who they themselves are and what potential they possess. Our family is dedicated to giving our kind a sense community, a place to call home, and others to call their kin.

We are Howell.

House Saint Germain

Our main goal is to be inspirational to others in the Online as well as Offline Vampiric Community

House of Ma'at

This group is devoted to the enlightenment, education, and unification of the Vampires and Otherkin of Las Vegas. This is a place that everyone can come to talk to others of their kind, or to learn about themselves and their identity within Las Vegas Vampire and otherkin community. Members of other houses WELCOME.

House Sekhemu

We believe in Balance. Therefore we study and apply both polar aspects (positive and negative) into our magickal work. We believe in seeking the Divine within to achieve spiritual perfection. Sekhrians believe in Enlightenment (Divine Knowledge learned) and Endarkment (Divine Knowledge innate). We are a Hermetic group based on personal growth and spirituality while incorporating vampyrism into daily life. We have a strong focus on magick, spirituality, and mysticism. We come from diverse spiritual backgrounds and seek Truth and Knowledge through exploration and Self-discovery. The House of Divine Power emphasizes spiritual growth and movement from the lower to higher levels of consciousness. Our philosophy is based on Nehas-t, meaning Awakening or Spiritual Resurrection.

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