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links that are friendly and full of wonderful information for Real Vampires The purpose of this website is multifold. For one, it exists in order to give support and guidance to those individuals who find themselves having to deal with the problems, instincts and desires, urges and needs that are characteristic of the condition commonly referred to as "vampirism." Another purpose of this site is to bring the "vampiric community" closer together. To view Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page's Statements of Purpose, click here.
Drink Deeply and Dream This site strives to explain the realities of vampires, the truths and facts while dismissing the myths and legends. For the last four years I have heard countless replies and thanks for this information - people who, like myself - were once struggling to explain and understand a new information in their life.
Reapers of Blood A good Vampire resource.
Vampires Nest "Royal Ruling Party And High Council Of The Vampire Nation" This is an Alliance of some of the most Respected,Honored Vampires Known for their Accomplishments,Experience and Devotion to our Kind. We will unite despite our differences.

House Kheperu

House Kheperu is an eclectic spiritual society dedicated to balance, education, and transformation. We see ourselves as a wisdom tradition, and our function in the community is to research and safeguard metaphysical knowledge as well as to pass this on to those who may benefit from it.

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