House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

Pranic/Sexual Vampires

Methods of Sexual Feeding:

Tantra An Eastern teaching that uses sex to awaken the kundalini energy stored in the sex chakra.  Once awakened, this energy travels through the rest of the chakras, to emerge at the crown of the head.  Once this has happened, you are connected to the Absolute/Divine.  Tantra Kundalini
Sensual  is the method utilizing feeding off the energies produced when something turns a person on, possibly using movies, dancing, eroticism, etc.
Foreplay Feeding during foreplay involves drawing on the gentle energies created through kissing, touching, and gentle caresses.  Energy is drawn in using the hands and mouth.
Petting Feeding durring petting involves a stronger form of energy produced.  Again, the hands and mouth play a part in this form of feeding.
Intercourse Once penetration occurs, a deeper connection is acheived.  The sexual organs can now also be used to facilitate feeding.  The act of intercourse produces an ever stronger current of energy to feed off of, but care must be taken that too much energy not be taken lest the sexual encounter end prematurely due to a lack of desire or fatigue.
Pre-Orgasmic The few moments before orgasm is the point of highest energy build up, this is an ideal time to feed.
Orgasmic Orgasm can be enhanced for both partners if a large draw of energy is done at the precice moment of orgasm.  The release of orgasm, combined with the drop in energy can produce an exhilirating sensation in the donor, and the rush of energy can push the Vampire into a simultaneous orgasm with their partner.

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