House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

House Lamia Sectae Hierarchy of House Centers

HLS Hierarchy of House Centers

House Centers and Duties

Archon Elder
Head Elder of HLS

(the term archon is only to be used within HLS and its direct affiliates)

1. To facilitate communication between all centers

2. To listen to the voice of the community and suggest changes based on the group conscience

3. To implement changes in an emergency on a temporary basis until a group meeting can be held and an agreement reached

4. To organize meetings of the community to vote on issues that need discussion

Community Commonwealth - comprised of the entire HLS Community 1. To vote on issues brought before them

2. To discuss any new guidelines that need to be added to help the community to run smoothly

3. To promote the group

Magistrates & Legislation 1. To work with the Community Commonwealth to find and implement rules and guidelines to help the community run smoothly

2. Act as an advisor to Education and Research & History (since laws require research, and implementation requires education, these two Centers fit nicely under Magistrates & Legistlation)

Etiquette 1. To make sure the Community is following it's own guidelines both within and without the HLS.

2. Will bring to the attention of Gaurdians, serious transgressions that could affect the welfare of the community or an individual. To suggest changes to the guidelines to Magistrates & Legislation so the same transgressions will not happen in the future.

3. Responsible for investigation of issues within the community.

4. Act as an advisor to Donors, Otherkin and Vampires (since individuals, ethics, and interaction are involved, these three Centers fit nicely under Etiquette)

Guardians & Mediation 1. Take care of situations that may arise that simple warnings have not reconciled.

2. Responsible for making recommendations for banning or inclusion on the predator list.

3. Responsible for moderating and finding a common ground in arguments.

4. Will not use physical violence or abuse of any kind. Guardians are responsible for helping individuals notify the correct authorities should our methods prove to be insufficient.

5. Act as an advisor to Religion, Spirituality & Beliefs and Entertainment (since issues surrounding role-play games and religious topics tend to get heated, Guardians seemed an appropriate place to put these two Centers)

Education 1. Make sure only Elders are teaching

2. Teach Newly Awakened

3. Make sure chat rooms are running

4. Make sure educational material is accurate by working with Reaearch & History

5. Responsible for posting new topics on the Yahoo group and in the Forum

6. Act as an advisor to Newly Awakened (since newly awakened need teachers, and the ability to research, this Center will be supervised by both Education and Research & History due to the importance of being there for the Newly Awakened)

Research & History 1. Find topics to research and document

2. Research and document topics found by the community

3. Document meetings

4. Document disciplinary actions

5. Notify when disciplinary actions are completed

Donors 1. Provide a safe haven for Donors

2. Encourage posting

3. Suggest topics, guidelines, etc

4. Work with Etiquette when issues arise

5. Encourage safety and safe practices

Otherkin 1. Provide a safe haven for Donors

2. Encourage posting

3. Suggest topics, guidelines, etc

4. Work with Etiquette when issues arise

Vampires 1. Provide a safe haven for Donors

2. Encourage posting

3. Suggest topics, guidelines, etc

4. Work with Etiquette when issues arise

Religion, Spirituality & Beliefs 1. Encourage tollerance

2. Encourage posting on ALL beliefs

3. Suggest topics, guidelines, etc

4. Work with Guardians to avoid conflict

Arts & Entertainment 1. Encourage members to post their own artwork and writing

2. Discuss Fact Vs. Fiction

3. Write reviews on relevant topics including books, tv shows, movies, RPG games, etc

4. Consult with Research & History and Education for accurate facts

5. Encourage games on the forum

6. Encourage posting and chats

Newly Awakened 1. Help the Newly Awakened to research and learn about themselves

2. Provide a safe haven for the Newly Awakened

3. Answer questions the Newly Awakened have

4. Direct the Newly Awakened to proper and accurate resources

5. Encourage the Newly Awakened to participate in the community

6. Introduce the Newly Awakened to other members

7. Make sure the Newly Awakened and New members read and understand the guidelines

8. Work with Education and Reshearch & History to find answers for the Newly Awakened

Requirements for Heads and Assistants


1. Must be an Elder - see Elder Qualifications

2. Must be over 18

3. Must be knowledgeable in the subject area

4. Must have the time for the position

5. Must be reliable


1. Must be responsible

2. Must be willing to learn

3. Must be trustworthy

4. Must be reliable

5. Must have the time for the position

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