House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

What is an Elder?-Qualifications of an Elder-Bearers of the Flame

Elders within House Lamia Sectae do not lose their rank once it has been acheived.  This page is dedicated to those who have shown the qualities of being an elder, either in this house, or elsewhere in the community.  They are respected, and open to being contacted.  Please respect that they also have lives beyond this house, and will respond as soon as they are able.  Thank You

Lady Kat - lady_vampire_kat

Lady Lilith Dreams - lady_lilith_dreams

Lady Nessa - vampire_lady_nessa

Lord Darkoor - dragonwraith_darkoor

House Lamia Sectae Vade Mecum Guidelines-Mission Statement-Guidelines and Discipline-Guidelines

Hierarchy - Centers and Duties-Heads and Assistants of HLS Centers-HLS Elders

Predator List

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