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The Vade Mecum

Vade Mecum

Definition: \Va`de me"cum\ [L., go with me.] Pronunciation: 'veydee'meekum

A book or other thing that a person carries with him as a

constant companion; a manual; a handbook. (From the 1913 Websters dictionary)

I. Respect- To take notice of;
to regard with special attention;
to regard as worthy of special
consideration; hence, to care
for; to heed.
II. Integrity-Moral soundness;
honesty; freedom from corrupting
influence or motive
III. Trust-Assured resting of the
mind on the integrity, veracity,

justice, friendship, or other
sound principle, of another

person; confidence; reliance;
IV. Honor-That which rightfully
attracts esteem, respect, or

consideration; self-respect;
dignity; courage; fidelity;

especially, excellence of
character; high moral worth;

virtue; nobleness.
V. Honesty-The quality or state
of being honest (upright; just;
equitable; trustworthy; truthful;
sincere; free from fraud, guile,
or duplicity; not false); probity;
fairness and straightforwardness
of conduct, speech, etc.; integrity;
sincerity; truthfulness; freedom
from fraud or guile.
VI. Responsibility-The state of being
able to respond or answer for one's
conduct and obligations; trustworthy,
financially or otherwise
VII. Teamwork-Work done by a number
of associates, usually each doing a
clearly defined portion, but all
subordinating personal prominence
to the efficiency of the whole
VIII. Solidarity-An entire union or
consolidation of interests and

responsibilities; fellowship;
IX. Unity-Concord; harmony;
conjunction; agreement;
uniformity; The state of being
one; oneness.
X. Acceptance-The act of accepting
(receiving or admitting and agreeing
to; assenting to;); receiving what
is offered, with approbation,
satisfaction, or acquiescence;
esp., favorable reception; approval.
XI. Friendship-The state of being
friends; friendly relation, or
attachment, to a person, or
between persons; affection
arising from mutual esteem
and good will; friendliness;
amity; good will.
XII. Guidance-The act or result
of guiding (showing the way
by conducting or leading;
imposing direction on); the
superintendence or assistance
of a guide; direction;
government; a leading.
XIII. Patience-The act or power
of calmly or contentedly
waiting for something due
or hoped for; forbearance.
XIV. Freedom-The state of being free
(Exempt from subjection to the will
of others; not under restraint,
control, or compulsion; able to
follow one's own impulses, desires,
or inclinations; determining one's
own course of action; not
dependent; at liberty.); exemption
from the power and control of
another; liberty; independence.
XV. Discipline-The treatment suited
to a disciple or learner; education;
development of the faculties by
instruction and exercise; training,
whether physical, mental, or moral.
(Whether by the individual or by a
teacher or mentor)
XVI. Understanding-An agreement
of opinion or feeling; adjustment of
differences; harmony; anything
mutually understood or agreed
upon;  The act of one who
understands a thing, in any sense
of the verb; knowledge;
discernment; comprehension;
interpretation; explanation.

Definitions compiled using the 1913 Websters Dictionary through Hyperdictionary

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