House Lamia Sectae - House of the Vampire Way of Life

Qualifications of an Elder

1. Must act with maturity

2. Must respect all members even if there are disagreements with the individual

3. Must be understanding

4. Must be available

5. Must be trustworthy

6. Must be responsible

7. Will not use threats, abuse, intimidation, or violence

8. Will not Powertrip

9. Will admit when they are wrong

10. Will admit when they do not know something

11. Will delegate duties and resources out when needed

12. Will direct members to appropriate resources

13. Will respect themselves

14. Will anticipate the needs of the members and the community

15. Will encourage self-discovery, learning, and unity

16. Will listen to the members and the community

17. Will respond to the members and the community

18. Will think of the community

19. Will think of the individual

20. Will voice their opinions

21. Will introduce members with similar interests to each other to facilitate friendship and learning

22. Will share their knowledge

House Lamia Sectae Vade Mecum Guidelines-Mission Statement-Guidelines and Discipline-Guidelines

Hierarchy - Centers and Duties-Heads and Assistants of HLS Centers-HLS Elders

Predator List

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